Star Trek: Enterprise villains make their way to Star Trek: Prodigy

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the Star Trek: Prodigy episode “Crossroads.” 

Star Trek: Enterprise doesn’t get much attention from the current line-up of series on Paramount+. To my knowledge, we haven’t had one character from Enterprise make a return visit to one of the series, either. That’s about as disappointing as it gets for fans of the series that was cancelled way too early. But the most recent episode of Star Trek: Prodigy did bring back some familiar villains from the Scott Bakula-led series.

The crew of the Protostar had made their way to an icy planet where the Denaxi Depot is located. They encountered the ne’er-do-well Captain Okona (Billy Campbell) from Star Trek: The Next Generation, but just as they were negotiating for his help, Okona was arrested by the Depot’s security which are Xindi.

Star Trek: Prodigy seems a strange choice to bring back such powerful enemies.

The Xindi were responsible for the death of millions of people when they launched a destructive weapon that cut a swath through Florida to Venezuela. Though most of the Xindi were being misled and used by the Guardians and became aware of the deception before Earth could be destroyed, the Xindi couldn’t be considered friends of the Federation now unless a whole lot has changed between Jonathan Archer’s time and now.

While Denaxi Depot wouldn’t be considered a Federation outpost, it was surprising to see the Xindi serving as security, especially when they had to take orders from Vice Admiral Janeway. On top of that, out of all of the characters to be reintroduced from Enterprise, it was especially surprising to see the Xindi as the chosen ones. And though they are security, they weren’t anywhere near as threatening as they were on Enterprise. Yes, a lot can happen in over a hundred years, but, in “Crossroads,” the Xindi were far different than their ancestors., and it was kind of disappointing to see the species changed so drastically.