William Shatner still does love doing Star Trek conventions

Despite his animosity for his Star Trek cast members, William Shatner still loves the fans.

William Shatner’s history with his Star Trek crew members is pretty well known. He’s been in a famous feud with George Takei for decades, even though Shatner was once invited to Takei’s wedding. He didn’t go, for whatever reason (the story changes depending on who you ask), but that’s not the end of his drama.

No, he even had a falling out with Leonard Nimoy before his passing, which led many to wonder about what happened to them. Shatner claims that Nimoy’s daughter relayed a message to him, saying that her father had love for Shatner regardless of their tiff.

So even though the relationships with other Trek members have always caused Shatner some grief, be it his fault or others, the one thing Shatner has never really wavered on is his love of the Star Trek fandom.

William Shatner still loves doing Star Trek conventions

Speaking to The Times UK, Shatner revealed that he still enjoys going to the various Star Trek conventions to meet fans, saying;

I enjoy the conventions when I am on stage fielding questions. I have acquired a way of doing this hour so that it becomes a kind of mutual distribution of information. The fans are interesting, it’s part of the reason why I go.

Even though Shatner has made it clear he doesn’t think highly of his castmates over the years, he’s still a big fan of Star Trek as a brand. Why else would a 91-year-old man still attend all of these various get-togethers over the years if he didn’t?

So while we’ll never see peace in our generation between Takei and Shatner, at least we’ll always have the knowledge that Shatner never forgot the fans and that’s at least something.