3 spinoff ideas for The Next Generation crew after Star Trek: Picard

1998 Michael Dorn stars in the new movie "Star Trek: Insurrection."
1998 Michael Dorn stars in the new movie "Star Trek: Insurrection." /

If Star Trek: Picard does create several spinoffs based on the Next Generation crew we have some ideas.

Star Trek: Picard is wrapping up but there are many a lot of voices right now talking about the possibility of spinoffs. While many expect Jean-Luc Picard and Patrick Stewart to take their final bows, showrunner Terry Matalas and many other Trek personalities working on the show have discussed the possibility of a spinoff.

In fact, a possibility may be under-representing just how serious these talks are seemingly becoming. Be it Matalas, Jeri Ryan, Gates McFadden, or whomever, there seems to be a lot of talk of a possible spinoff.

While that may not be the best idea for the franchise, further leaning on legacy characters and actors instead of growing the brand, we do have some ideas for any potential spinoff show that features Next Generation cast members.

Three spinoff ideas featuring the Next Generation crew

Captain Worf – The Battling Bridge Captain

For Star Trek fans, one of the things that most people have always wanted to see was a Captain Worf series. Worf, in charge of his own ship, as some hyper-fantasized version of South Park’s Russell Crowe would be the dream show for many. Just Worf, rolling up to a random space station and starting a bar fight over the honor of prune juice. Make. It. Happen.

Geordi La Forge – Starfleet Instructor

While some of these are a bit humorous in nature, I’d love to see Geordi La Forge handling the youth of Starfleet. La Forge’s actor, LeVar Burton, is synonymous with so many people’s early years as the host of Reading Rainbow, that it just makes sense that a show with Burton in the lead would do best in a school setting.

Dr. Beverly Crusher – NCIS: Neutral Zone

While the show title may be a nice little dig at the over-saturation of certain shows, having Beverly Crusher serve as some sort of crime investigator alongside maybe Garak, Jake Sisko, Tuvok, Harry Kim, or however would be really fascinating. Enough with the over-the-top action and lets’ get our Mystery Machine on.

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