Michael Dorn surprised unexpected elevator goers who weren’t fans of Star Trek

1998 Michael Dorn stars in the new movie "Star Trek: Insurrection."
1998 Michael Dorn stars in the new movie "Star Trek: Insurrection." /

Michael Dorn had no problem goofing on some discontented Star Trek fans.

Apparently, Michael Dorn knows how to turn a sour moment into a hilarious memory. When Star Trek: The Next Generation launched, it had its detractors, despite the show is very similar to the Original Series. A major change to the foundation of the show, however, was the inclusion of Worf, a Klingon, and a member of the Federation.

Despite being a fan favorite and the show’s fans loving Worf for over 40 years, it appears not everyone who watched the show was a fan of Dorn and Worfs’. Dorn caught up with his castmates on The View lately (via Entertainment Weekly), spoke about his return to the franchise through  Picard, and shared a fun little memory from the beginning of The Next Generation.

During his time with the show, apparently, when it was at or near its peak, the group was at a convention, and Dorn met some people who were none-to-pleased with Star Trek. As Dorn would go on to say;

"It had to be the whole run of the show, I was in makeup, and nobody saw me out of makeup. Whenever I’d go out with my friends or I’d go to conventions, [fans] would literally shove past me to get to these guys.One time, I was in an elevator at a convention, it was over, and I’m going up. These two guys get in the elevator, and they didn’t like Star Trek. They’re literally going, ‘I don’t understand this whole Star Trek stuff.’I’m behind them, listening [to them going], ‘Oh, I can’t believe it, that doesn’t make any sense, and that guy that plays Worf, God, he stinks. He’s terrible. I don’t understand that. I walked out and said, ‘Good evening, guys,’ in my best Worf [voice.]"

Michael Dorn’s sense of comedic timing is impressive

The bit only works if the two men would recognize Worf’s voice, otherwise, they would have no idea who Dorn was or what he was doing. But, assuming for a moment that those people would recognize that voice, that’s one heck of an exit for sure.

Good thing for Dorn, most people love Worf, so much so that the fanbase has been championing for a Worf-focused series, but that doesn’t mean we’ll get it, especially not at 70 years old. That said, if Patrick Stewart at 82 can still lead a series, why not Dorn?

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