The Enterprise space flight will be carrying a presidential contingent

Launch of Atlas V Juno from Cape Canaveral AFS. Image courtesy United Launch Alliance
Launch of Atlas V Juno from Cape Canaveral AFS. Image courtesy United Launch Alliance /

The Enterprise space flight by Celestis, Inc. is taking presidents into space. 

Celestis, Inc. made a big announcement yesterday when it revealed that the Vulcan Rocket set to carry Star Trek greats and other DNA samples will also have special guests aboard that helped shaped the fabric of our history.

What is believed to be authenticated DNA from hair samples of George Washington, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan will make the upcoming historical deep space Enterprise Mission, marking the first time ever that any President will be going to space in any form.

Those hair samples of the Presidents will join the DNA cremated remains and Mindfiles of more than 200 individuals, including Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry;  original cast members  Nichelle Nichols, James  Doohan, Majel Barrett  Roddenberry, and DeForest  Kelley. Also included will be Apollo astronaut  Philip Chapman, special effects master Douglas Trumbull, and others from across the globe on the Enterprise space flight, a voyage into interplanetary space.

The hair samples from the presidents were originally from the Louis Mushro collection. (See CNN’s profile June 17, 2013.) They, along with Certificates of Authenticity, were gifted to Celestis by an anonymous donor so they could be included on the deep space mission. Louis Mushro was well-known as a collector and appraiser of celebrity hair and built a reputation as an expert in the field before he passed away in 2014. These hair samples from Mushro’s collection have been in a climate-controlled facility for several years in preparation for this mission, and they will join the Enterprise Space Flight in making monumental history.

Co-Founder and CEO of Celestis, Inc. calls the Enterprise Space Flight “an historic mission by any standard,” before going on to clarify Celestis’ goal.

"“The overarching goal of Celestis is to assist human expansion throughout the solar system.  By adding the DNA of these American icons to Enterprise, we establish a precursor for future human missions, and add to the historical record of human exploration of deep space.”"

Below is further information about the launch provided in a media release from Celestis, Inc.

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