FoxTrot wishes every Star Trek fan a Happy St. Patrick Stewart day

1998 Patrick Stewart And Levar Burton Star In The New Movie "Star Trek: Insurrection." (Photo By Getty Images)
1998 Patrick Stewart And Levar Burton Star In The New Movie "Star Trek: Insurrection." (Photo By Getty Images) /

FoxTrot once again tips its cap to Star Trek fans, this time on St. Patrick’s Day.

For millions of people around the world, today is St. Patricks’s Day, but for the creator of the iconic comic, FoxTrot, today is St. Patrick Stewart’s Day. The holiday is commonly celebrated with green attire, beer, and corned beef but for others, it has a deeper, more personal meaning. For some, it’s about heritage, for others it’s about religion. For even more, it’s a chance to celebrate Patrick Stewart, apparently.

Stewart, most famous for his roles in Star Trek: The Next Generation as Jean-Luc Picard and X-Men as Professor Charles Xavier, is often a topic of conversation in the FoxTrot comic series. Created by Bill Amend, the series follows the Fox family, namely the youngest son Jason, as he explores his world of math, science, science fiction, and other nerdy exploits.

For today, Amend’s FoxTrot Instagram account re-posted a comic from March 14, 2010. In it, we see Jason dressed as Stewart from The Next Generation, complete with a semi-bald cap. His best friend Marcus is seen in a fellow bald cap, but as Stewart’s Xavier from the X-Men films.

How do you celebrate St. Patrick Stewart’s Day?

Well, if you’re a Star Trek fan like we are, we have some tips to celebrate St. Patrick Stewart’s Day if you’re so inclined.

  1. Make green tea. Earl Grey if possible, and don’t be afraid to add some extra green to it.
  2. Get some caviar, a specific food that Picard didn’t think the replicators ever got right.
  3. Watch First Contact and Days of Future past in back-to-back viewings.
  4. Wear red. Don’t bother with green, when Command Red is so much more dignified.

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