3 Reasons to rewatch Star Trek: The Original Series episode “The Devil in the Dark”

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Star Trek: The Original Series brought us some memorable episodes from its three seasons.

Ever since those guys in the colored shirts and black pants first beamed their way onto televisions and into our hearts in 1966, Star Trek and all of its different forms and variations, have gifted us with truly memorable episodes. There are so many examples of this in Star Trek: The Original Series alone, with such fan favorites as “This Side of Paradice”, “City on the Edge of Tomorrow”, “Amok Time,” and of course no list is complete without “The Trouble With Tribbles.”

With the cancellation of The Original Series in 1969, subsequently followed by its new form Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1987, each different series has provided instant classic episodes in abundance. It is my intent to convince you why you would be best served spending about an hour of your valuable time going back and watching some of these episodes, regardless of how many times you have seen them before.

I will dedicate a piece to each episode that I deem worthy of revisiting, and if you feel I have commited an egregious exclusion of any episodes, you are more then welcome to politely inform me of such an error in the comments section, and I will, perhaps, rectify the situation with a piece about that episode.

Though this piece will probably not be published for a day or two, it is important to note that as I am typing the rough draft, it is currently March 22nd, the 92nd birthday of, if not the best, without a doubt the most revered and venerable captain in all of Starfleet, that distinction of course belonging to Captain James T Kirk, played by William Shatner.

Indeed, Mr. Shatner has lived long and prospered, and in honor of his birthday (while it will be perhaps several days after that you are reading this piece) I will begin this series of episodes to rewatch with “The Devil in the Dark,” an episode in which I feel Shatner’s ability is truly showcased as Captain Kirk.

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