Could Odo return in a different form on Star Trek: Picard?

Star Trek: Picard has only two more episodes left before it wraps for good.

This season has been Changeling heavy, carrying over from the Dominion War which was a battle fought on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Shortly after the season started, Worf returns, now as a Captain, and he tells Raffi that “a man of great honor” told him about a rogue faction of Changelings who refused to accept the Dominion’s defeat. They left the Great Link to seek revenge on the Federation. Pretty much every fan agrees that man of great honor is Odo. And now, brings up a great question: Is it too much to hope that part of the resolution of this story will involve Odo returning in a different form?

We all know that Rene Auberjonois passed away in 2019, but as his character, Odo, was a Changeling, he could “show up,” having assumed another character in the series, just to let Worf and the others know that all of the rogue Changelings have been defeated. I think it would be a great way to honor the character Auberjonois played for seven seasons.

Though Star Trek: Picard hasn’t specifically mentioned Odo this season, who else could be the man of great honor Worf referred to?

Worf had no anomosity towards Odo on Deep Space Nine, and being that he was the one who knew Admiral Picard best, it would make sense that Odo would reach out to him when the Changelings decided to revolt. So being that he’s been mentioned, having Odo show up in another form, even though it isn’t Auberjonois, would add one more connection to Deep Space Nine. Though there may be plans to have another character from the series return in one of the next two episodes, there would be something right about having that character be Odo in another form.

What do you think?