Star Trek: Enterprise deserves a limited series release that retcons the ending

A Star Trek: Enterprise revival series would work best as a limited series run.

Star Trek: Enterprise never got to go out on its own terms, with its series finale hastily wrapping things up in the guise of a holo-novel that William Riker and Deanna Troi were observing. It was totally toothless and devoid of the charm the show had.

It needs its own finale but after 20 years of not having the show on the air, and everyone aging rather obviously, it’d be hard to do a continuation where we finally get to see the Romulan and Earth war that the series started building towards. Had there been a fifth season of Enterprise, the series would’ve done the beginning of the Romulan-Earth war.

The series would’ve likely gone into the war for the rest of its run, which may have gotten to seven seasons and mirrored Deep Space Nine’s change of direction. But now 20 years later, it’d be hard to make everyone look 15 or so years younger, just so you can tell the story of the war.

So instead, why not do the fallout?

A post-war story involving the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise would be perfect

Despite what you see among some of Nu Trek, violence and suffering aren’t what the franchise is known for. Instead, exploring deep, complicated, moral questions are. That’s why a show like Enterprise would be perfect for an examination of the human spirit after a violent and destructive war.

You could see Jonathan Archer as a shell of himself after having lost so many good people. T’Pol and Archer may have finally gotten together, and wouldn’t that have been awesome? You could re-write Trip Tucker’s “death” to be a covert ploy to turn him into a deep-cover agent who’s trying to understand the Romulan’s technology. All while examining how everyone else handled the war and its ending.

There’s so much potential there for growth, recovery, and accepting the world as it is, that it’d be a monumental misstep if Trek doesn’t at least explore the concept.