There was a Star Trek 2.0 series on G4 over a decade ago and the commercials were wild

On the set of the TV series Star Trek (Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)
On the set of the TV series Star Trek (Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images) /

Once upon a time, Star Trek 2.0 aired on G4.

Star Trek has been a mainstay on television for years. Debuting in 1966, the series has been featured on television as a first-run show, or via syndication, for decades. Still, to this day, you can find the original series on television on both MeTV and Heroes and Icons.

But before there was Trek on every night thanks to Heroes and Icons and long before Paramount+ (but not much before Netflix), Trek aired on G4. In fact, not only did Trek air on G4, but they aired what was dubbed “Star Trek 2.0” on G4.

The show shouldn’t be confused with Star Trek: Phase II which was a pitched sequel series that would feature most of the main cast of the original show, plus various new characters, some of whom would debut in Star Trek The Motion Picture.

So what was Star Trek 2.0? Well, it was similar to an old 1990s show called Pop Up Video, which aired on VH1. The premise was simple, Trek 2.0 would feature facts about the show, as well as a live-interactive chat that would tick by as you watched the show.

Star Trek 2.0 featured four ways to engage;

Spock Market – Where you could “buy” and “sell” shares of specific characters.

Trek Stats – Watching the show on G4.

Beam Me Up – The chat option.

Trek Facts – Where “obscure” facts would pop up.

The best part of Star Trek 2.0 were the commercials

G4 partnered with 72andSunny to help create the four commercials that G4 would use to promote the Trek 2.0 brand series. These were modeled after the television series Robot Chicken, which at the time was only in its second season and still very fresh and new.

But to really seal the uniqueness of these ads, the folks at 72andSunny got iconic comedian Charlie Murphy to voice Spock, which really helped sell the commercials as a must-see.

There are four that we are aware of, Coffee Shop, Cribs, Karaoke, and Pool, and we hope you enjoy them for what they were; a slice of the times.

2.0 commercial – Coffee Shop

2.0 commercial -Cribs

2.0 commercial -Karaoke

2.0 commercial -Pool

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