Wende Doohan reveals what James Doohan would say to fans today

Image courtesy Wende Doohan
Image courtesy Wende Doohan /

In the very near future, the ashes of James Doohan will join other Star Trek icons on the Celestis Enterprise Space Flight.

Forever lovingly known as Chief Engineer Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, James “Jimmy” Doohan will be among good company when he joins his other Star Trek colleagues aboard the Celestis Enterprise Space Flight on its mission to the great beyond. The inaugrual flight of the Vulcan rocket will establish humanity’s first outpost in the deeper cosmos and will carry the well-wishes of thousands of fans and loved ones that have sent messages through Celestis’ Mindfile system.

I had the opportunity to speak with Wende Doohan, Jimmy’s’ widow, whose DNA will be joining with her husband so a part of her can travel with him. We talked about the upcoming flight, how she thinks her husband would feel about the flight, and his message to his fans. She said that traveling to space was something Jimmy always wanted to do.”

"Jimmy always wanted this, to travel into Space.  He would have preferred doing it while still alive, but this is the next best thing.  And we did talk about how this would be the ultimate adventure for us so of course I have to join him on this trip."

She’s sure Jimmy would be impressed with the roster of his fellow passengers, adding that ” a reunion with Scotty on board he would feel the others would be reassured.” And there’s no denying that.

James Doohan recognized that it was the fans that kept Star Trek alive.

And he was always appreciative of that and his fans. I asked Wende what she thinks Jimmy would want to say to his fans if he could.

"“Thank you!  You were right (in following Star Trek) and keep it up.”  Star Trek and Trekkies have seen the best the future can be and the Trekkies are the ones who can make it happen.  There are already so many things presented in the show that have become reality."

And as far as his thoughts on the Star Trek series of today, well, I asked that, too.

"He always said every minute of every day, Star Trek was being viewed somewhere in the world.  He knew Star Trek was a force that would continue forever."

And what does Wende hope fans take from Jimmy’s trip to space?

"That Scotty is where he belongs."

A truly fitting legacy!

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