All 1st season episodes of Star Trek: Prodigy available digitally

Star Trek: Prodigy. Image Courtesy Nickelodeon, CBS Television Studios
Star Trek: Prodigy. Image Courtesy Nickelodeon, CBS Television Studios /

Star Trek: Prodigy is now available for sale on digital channels.

Star Trek: Prodigy, after abrupt cancellation by Paramount+, has made a splash with fans who flocked to purchase the Blu-Rays, even to the point of sell-out. But Prodigy was not available on any digital platform once Paramount pulled it from its site so those fans who prefer watching online were not able to do so.

Thankfully, that time is over, with retailers like Amazon, Google, and Apple as well as others, making all twenty of the episodes available for purchase as one season. [The sites list only 19 episodes are available, but the two-parter season finale counts as one episode.]

Star Trek: Prodigy season two hasn’t found a home yet, but the hunt is still ongoing.

Although some might feel as though the first season of Prodigy effectively wrapped up the series if necessary, others think it ended on a cliffhanger. While Dal and his friends did get their wishes to begin a journey toward entry into Starfleet Academy, Admiral Janeway still hadn’t located her friend and former colleague Captain Chakotay who’d gone missing in the first season, and Gwyn decided to return home to present day Solum in an effort to unify the Vau N’Akat so the civil war could be prevented. So that leaves a couple of threads dangling, and to tie them, we need season two which is in post-production.

Fortunately, the creators aren’t giving up on the series, and this new availability will enable more viewers to purchase the series. Those numbers should make a difference to a potential new home for it. In the meantime, viewers can enjoy rewatching the adventures of the young crew of the Protostar, perhaps even introducing new watchers to the series. Every set of eyes on the series can help Prodigy find another home.

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