Star Trek: Strange New Worlds takes big swing by ending season 2 on a cliffhanger

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds left off its second season on a cliffhanger, a bold choice in this new uncertain age.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds ended its up-and-down second season on a rather interesting choice; by putting the fate of some of the most beloved characters up in the air. Including, but not limited to the civilians that were abducted by the Gorn. So many storylines were left dangling in the balance, with a potential war with the Gorn seemingly at the doorstep of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

And normally, we’d be fine with that. It’s a hook to keep people waiting around for the next season. Sure, it works better when there’s a four-month break between seasons, but Strange New Worlds will make fans wait a year, if not longer due to the dueling strikes before a new season can be made.

But the wait time between seasons isn’t the only reason that ending the season on a cliffhanger was a bold choice. Fans now don’t know if their favorite shows are coming back due to how bad streaming has become. There are next to no streaming services that are making money, and most are hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars in debt.

Due to that, no show is really safe now. The service could cancel a show even after it’s been greenlit for another season. Something Star Trek fans know all too well. Will that happen to Strange New Worlds? Normally, you’d say no. But they’ve already canceled Prodigy after renewing it, and with the fact the writer’s and actor’s strikes aren’t looking to slow down or end any time soon, you could have yet another reason to worry about Strange New Worlds’ return.

Paramount has proven to be unreliable when they announce things regarding Star Trek

When you think about Star Trek and how Paramount has abused the franchise over the last two years, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that there are concerns about the franchise and Starnge New Worlds’ security going forward.

Paramount announced that not only would there be a Star Trek 4, but they announced it without a cast, director, or script. They then had the audacity to announce a time frame in which filming would begin. That window of time came and went, and we’re no closer to a fourth film than we were at the start of 2022 when the film was formally announced.

Then you couple that with how they played Prodigy, and we have more than enough reasons to worry about Strange New Worlds actually seeing a third season. Plus, then you have the strikes, and man, if Strange New Worlds is your favorite show, we’d recommend you start bracing for the worst because Paramount is as unpredictable as they come these days.

The show may come back, and we’re leaning toward it likely doing so, but we now have no reason to believe a word Paramount says about anything Trek-related.