Watch: Go back in time and watch bloopers from Star Trek: TOS

On the set of the TV series Star Trek (Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)
On the set of the TV series Star Trek (Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images) /

Watch some bloopers from Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek: The Original Series is likely the one shown in all of Star Trek to be missing elements of its original recordings. Not every clip was seen, and not every scene still exists. Parts of the episodes were cut during filming and due to the way media was observed back then, there wasn’t a desire to save anything that wasn’t going to be used in the final product.

After all, there was really no home media, and it wouldn’t be until the rise of VHS that such a concept as re-watching an episode without the need for syndication was even a thing. DVDs would really be the reason that unused portions of a show became popular.

The concept of a blooper reel would be far more prominent and would, for a time, become almost standard with certain types of films to air after the film was over. So much so that several animated films like Toy Story 2 created their own not-so-blooper-blooper-reels.

But in the ’60s, different ball game entirely, which is why it’s so wild to see that a blooper reel from the original series of Star Trek has made its way to the internet.

This type of content is key to better understanding past Star Trek actors and actresses

Since Star Trek is nearly 60 years old, it’s fair to admit that not every fan will know what it was like to work with Deforest Kelley or James Doohan, as both men died long before many fans came to the series. So watching clips like this, when everyone was active and virile really helps paint the picture of who these talents were when the camera wasn’t demanding to them to be characters.

It’s important that these moments get preserved, as with the changing times we can’t afford to lose moments like this that help define the media of an era.

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