Star Trek: Legacy would be like Star Trek: Picard but bigger

Star Trek: Legacy would be a bigger story compared to Star Trek: Picard.

Star Trek: Legacy isn’t likely to get greenlit. Big-money projects are seemingly on hold right now, and it’s not just due to the strike. While the writers are back to work, actors and actresses still remain on strike, though work is being done to get a deal done. The loss of revenue that the strike caused won’t help Legacy get made, but it isn’t the reason it won’t.

Paramount+ just isn’t greenlighting big projects anymore. It’s why we haven’t had any movement on the Star Trek: Starfleet Academy show, it’s why Section 31 was turned into a film, and it’s why Picard, Discovery, and Prodigy were all told to close it up.

But, in a world where Legacy somehow gets made, what would or could fans expect from the show? Think Picard, but “bigger”.

Speaking to All Access Star Trek Podcast (via, production designer Dave Blass revealed that Legacy would be Picard but grander, saying;

I think we would keep the same style [as seen on Picard]. And I think we would be able to do things bigger, better, cooler. I appreciate what they what they do on the on the other [Star Trek] shows. I also look at something like The Mandalorian as a good touchstone because The Mandalorian looks like it belongs in the Star Wars universe. The technology is the same. Just because they have the “Volume” (AR Wall virtual set) and the technology to do big cool things, you don’t need to change what the look of it looks like.

One of the things that Blass pointed out, however, is that Legacy won’t have a Picard budget, saying;

Going into it, knowing that budgets are going to be tight and we’re going to do things and make use of the technology in ways that would benefit the show. So if you have to go to a new planet, maybe that’s the best way to use the Volume AR wall and expand sets. Maybe our engine room is more of a classic, Next Generation, Voyager, First Contact engine room that is a physical set that’s got height and does something like that, not a virtual set.

Star Trek: Legacy is a great idea that came in at the wrong time

Streaming is a bottomless pit of lost money. It’s not a Star Trek issue, this isn’t on the franchise, this is on the people who ran things. That greenlit hundreds of millions of dollars for a 12-episode season. This is an indictment of who told the world “The Star Trek you liked wasn’t good enough, so we spent money to make it look nice like Star Wars.”

We liked our practical sets, our carpeted hallways, and our silly camera tricks. No one needed millions of dollars of CGI to create these new shows. That’s never been what Star Trek was, and now it feels like it’s too late to go back to what worked before.

The money for big projects is gone and it seems like for Trek to survive, they’re going to have to get very innovative with the next set of shows; assuming there are new shows.