Star Trek: Lower Decks dunked on Star Wars in episode 9 of season 4

Star Trek: Lower Decks dunked on Star Wars and it was great.

Star Trek and Star Wars have long been compared to one another ever since the former was created and debuted in 1977. And the thing that aggravates both fandoms is how nonsimilar they are, and how normies constantly confuse the two. Star Wars embraces elements of fantasy, cloaked in a layer of science fiction space battles that often don’t follow its own sciences (looking at you Last Jedi).

Star Trek on the other hand is far more grounded in scientific principles that sometimes feel outlandish, while focusing more on interpersonal conflict instead of bombastic fight scenes. And while both properties incorporate space battles, Star Wars sees it more as a dogfight between warring countries, using jets and planes to battle for territory in the sky. Trek on the other hand showcases its battle scenes more along the lines of how ships and subs would combat one another in the oceaens.

They have similarities, but only at the most basic and service level stuff. They’re both unique and at times can be equally wonderful and infuriating to watch. And we fully support fans who like both.

We also like it when Star Trek dunks on Star Wars.

Star Trek: Lower Decks dunks on Star Wars

In the 9th episode of Lower Decks’ fourth season, the crew of the USS Cerritos went to Axton, a planet full of criminals. The entire episode did nothing but set up and knock down callbacks to the classic trilogy of Star Wars films.

First, several characters went to a cantina that looked just like the cantina in Mos Eisley, first seen in A New Hope. Later, the Cerritos dealt with a Nex Axton officiant who resembled and sounded like Fleet Admiral Firmus Piett. Later on, we even saw a base that looked similar to the one used in Return of the Jedi, after we arrived on the forest moon of Endor.

While none of the bits were designed to disrespect Star Wars, it was still funny to see these elements of the once-great film franchise played for laughs.