The story of Khan Noonien Singh should stay as a Star Trek audio drama

Ricardo Montalban (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/WireImage)
Ricardo Montalban (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/WireImage) /

The story of Khan Noonien Singh is being featured as a Star Trek audio drama and that’s where it should stay – for now.

By now every Star Trek fan knows about Khan Noonien Singh and his desire to get revenge on Captain James T. Kirk for leaving him on Ceti Alpha V. The planet was left in ruins shortly after Khan and his followers were delivered there, and Khan’s wife would end up dying on the planet. Due to that, Khan desired to kill James Kirk and nearly succeeded in the film The Wrath of Khan.

The film, a loose sequel to the Original Series episode “Space Seed”, which featured the debut of Khan, has long been identified as one of the series’ best films. And while we know how Khan arrived in the world of Star Trek (even more so thanks to Strange New Worlds), and how he left the world of Star Trek, what we don’t know is the in-between.

And the in-between is what’s going to be made into an audio drama, overseen by Nicholas Meyer, the man who helped write and direct the Wrath of Khan film. Now he gets to finish telling his story on what happened to Khan.

Star Trek doesn’t need to make a stand-alone film or movie about Khan right now

Times change, and therefore opinions change. Once the idea of a Khan film or series seemed interesting but with the current state of Trek as a whole, losing three shows in one year, and no movement on a theatrical Trek film in years, trying to shoehorn what would be a controversial project into production would just not sit well with a lot of people.

Star Trek would do well to keep this story to an audio drama, lest you upset fans by trying to do a prequel to a film that not many people want to see.

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