3 reasons why a Star Trek prequel series or film about Khan would succeed

Ricardo Montalban (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/WireImage)
Ricardo Montalban (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/WireImage) /

Bringing back Khan Noonien Singh in a prequel series may not be the worst idea.

Star Trek is bringing back the story of Khan Noonien Singh in an audio drama that will explore what happened to Khan Nooien Singh during the time between the original series episode, “Space Seed” and the events of Star Trek: Wrath of Khan II. And while it may not seem like a good idea on its surface, it has potential.

The story should delve deeper into the history of the character and with more and more of Star Trek being about filling in the gaps of known stories and not as much about creating new entities, this seems like it’s not long for a mini-series.

So if Star Trek is really going to go down this road, there are three reasons to think that this could work.

Three reasons a Khan Noonien Singh Star Trek television series could work

Fans love Khan Noonien Singh

When it comes to everyone’s favorite villain, it’s usually one of three names, Khan Noonien Singh, Gal Dukat, or the Borg Queen. Giving the fans more Khan isn’t a bad idea as there is a clear desire for more; hence why we saw him in Strange New Worlds. You’d have to get the casting perfect but if you do, fans will glomb onto the chance to see the character again.

Can the writers overcome the whole “genocidal maniac” aspect?

Khan is very much Star Trek’s Adolf Hitler, a man bent on genocide because he viewed others who weren’t as smart as him as inferior. And while you can’t really make that kind of a character likable, Adhi Shankar of the animated Castlevania series came closest with his presentation of Dracula, a once blood-thirsty monster, tamed by love, only to be unleashed even more after her murder. If Star Trek followed that same format, Khan’s appearance in Wrath of Khan may be even more significant.

It could make Wrath of Khan a better film

This could go either way but if you get it right, then you can make the story of Khan Noonien Singh in Wrath of Khan even more impactful. Especially if you show him getting tamed by the woman he would eventually fall for and later lose.

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