10 couples that should be a thing in Star Trek

Let us look into Star Trek characters who would be incredibly good together and play cosmic matchmaker, shall we?

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in "Surrender" Episode 308, Star Trek: Picard on Paramount+. Photo Credit: Trae Patton/Paramount+. ©2021 Viacom, International Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in "Surrender" Episode 308, Star Trek: Picard on Paramount+. Photo Credit: Trae Patton/Paramount+. ©2021 Viacom, International Inc. All Rights Reserved. /
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Photo credit: Zade Rosenthal. John Cho is Sulu in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions. © 2013 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved. /

8. Hikaru Sulu (The Original Series) and Tom Paris (Voyager)

Let's talk about two of the most dashing pilots in the galaxy, Hikaru Sulu from the original U.S.S. Enterprise and Tom Paris from the Voyager, zipping through the cosmos with the kind of swagger only top-notch pilots possess. These two have more in common than their ability to fly anything with engines and a cockpit - they both have that spark of rebellion that makes them stand out in a crowd of Starfleet uniforms. Sulu, with his expert swordsmanship and calm demeanor, alongside Paris, the man who can navigate a starship through a wormhole while cracking jokes - what a pair.

Together, they'd be the dynamic duo of space exploration, turning every mission into an adventure. It's like pairing up the coolest cat from the 23rd century with the charming rogue of the 24th, resulting in a cosmic bromance that's all about pushing boundaries and exploring the unknown.

Now, why should these two be more than just star-crossing friends? Because both of them understand the thrill of discovery and the value of taking risks. Sulu's pioneering spirit, evident in his helming of the Enterprise, complements Paris's knack for finding trouble and getting out of it just as fast. Imagine the stories they'd share, from Sulu's close encounters with strange new worlds to Paris's tales of redemption and heroism in the Delta Quadrant. Their shared experiences would forge a bond stronger than the hull of a starship, built on mutual respect, a love for the vastness of space, and an unquenchable curiosity about what lies beyond the next star.

Together, Sulu and Paris wouldn't just navigate the stars; they'd navigate the complexities of a relationship built on trust, adventure, and the endless quest for the unknown. It's the kind of love story that could only happen in the final frontier, where the stars are the limit, and every new planet is a chance for a new beginning.

9. Ezri Dax (Deep Space Nine) and Harry Kim (Voyager)

Ezri Dax, the fresh-faced Trill who's suddenly got a noggin full of lifetimes of memories, teaming up with Harry Kim, the ever-optimistic ensign from Voyager who seems to find himself in every kind of cosmic pickle the universe can concoct would be rather cute together.

Here's why these two would be the galaxy's next 'it' couple: both are sort of like interstellar newbies, grappling with their places in the cosmos. Ezri's trying to juggle the wisdom of the Dax symbiont's previous hosts without tripping over her own feet, while Harry's navigating the vastness of space, trying not to get lost or turned into an alien's science project (again). Together, they'd be like space's dynamic duo of growth and gaffes, learning the ropes and occasionally tying them into knots.

Now imagine Ezri bringing to the table (or the replicator, in this case) a smorgasbord of experiences from her symbiont's past lives, from being a Klingon warrior to a Federation diplomat. That's a lot of hats to wear (or helmets, depending on the era). Enter Harry, with his boundless enthusiasm and knack for getting into scrapes that would make a Ferengi think twice. Harry's evergreen hopefulness could be the perfect counterbalance to Ezri's moments of self-doubt, offering her a steady hand as she navigates her multifaceted identity. Meanwhile, Ezri's depth and the wisdom of the ages (literally) could help Harry mature, steering him toward becoming the seasoned officer he's destined to be.

Together, they'd not only chart a course through the stars but also navigate the winding paths of their own evolving selves, proving that in space, the right co-pilot makes all the difference.

10. Q (The Next Generation) and Guinan (The Next Generation)

The universe's ultimate odd couple: Q, the mischievous omnipotent being with a flair for the dramatic, and Guinan, the serene, enigmatic bartender with centuries of wisdom.

At first glance, they're like oil and water – one thrives on chaos, while the other is a beacon of calm. But, oh, the fireworks when these two get together. It's like mixing a supernova with a black hole - instead of canceling each other out, they create something entirely new and dazzling. Q's boundless energy and penchant for trouble find a match in Guinan's deep well of patience and insight. She's one of the few beings who can put Q in his place with a look, and that intrigues him. Together, they're like cosmic dance partners, each step and turn revealing new facets of their beings.

Now, picture Q whisking Guinan away on whimsical adventures through time and space, with her grounding him, offering a perspective that challenges his godlike view. It's a relationship that teaches Q about the beauty of humility and the richness of human (or El-Aurian) experience. For Guinan, Q opens doors to the universe's wonders, things she thought she'd never see or had long forgotten. Their bond is a delightful blend of depth and levity, showing us that even beings as powerful as Q can learn a thing or two about the heart. Their union wouldn't just be about the sparks they create - it'd be a testament to how understanding and compassion can bridge the vastest of divides, making the universe a tad more harmonious.

Plus, let's be real, who wouldn't want to see Guinan outwit Q at every turn while he tries to impress her with the cosmos's wonders?