3 female characters we'd like to see return to the Star Trek franchise for a second appearance

Star Trek has had a lot of great and fascinating female characters make a one-off in the films, and we think these three should get another shot.
"Star Trek: Into Darkness" Galaxy Carpet in Tokyo
"Star Trek: Into Darkness" Galaxy Carpet in Tokyo / Keith Tsuji/GettyImages

Star Trek has created a variety of unique one-off characters for its film franchise that we got to enjoy for a time. Some of which we'd like to see more of, some we wouldn't. This article is going to look at several characters we would like to see more of, specifically the female side of the equation for now.

We'll look at the one-off male characters we'd like to get more screen time with, but we're looking at the female side first because the first name on the list was the inspiration for the idea. So we thought it only fair. There have been many female characters that didn't get a lot of time, so feel free to leave a comment on our socials about which character you'd like to see more of. For us, these are our three.

Lt. Ilia

The most iconic look of the 1979 Star Trek The Motion Picture goes to the Deltan named Ilia. She was a character featured in the entire movie, but her actual personality was only featured for a few minutes before being essentially replaced by V'ger. The character never really got a chance to show off who she was, and a Kelvin reboot of the character could go a long way in doing justice for her.

Lily Sloane

It's hard to argue that Lily Sloane wasn't just the best one-off character in franchise history, she may have really been the only person to see Jean-Luc Picard's true self. Played wonderfully by Alfre Woodard, we'd like to see the return of Lily, maybe in the proposed final Picard film.

Dr. Carol Marcus (Kelvin)

While technically a copout, as Carol Marcus appeared in both The Wrath of Khan and Into Darkness, they are essentially different characters, and we think the Kelvin version should return for the fourth film. Without Anton Yelchin around anymore, the film will miss a lot of heart and earnestness, and while the Marcus character that Alice Eve played was nothing like Yelchin's Pavel Chekokv, the film will need as many familiar and fan favorite actors it can get to lessen the hurt of another Kelvin film without Yelchin. So bring back Marcus and let her show off her personality when she's not bound by the past. In this case, the past is the Wrath of Khan and her on-screen father.

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