3 names we want to see take over Star Trek's immediate future

Here are three names we'd like to see take over Star Trek.
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Seth MacFarlane

We've already talked about why we want Seth MacFarlane, but it boils down to him being well-versed in the world of Star Trek. Not only did he work on Star Trek: Enterprise, albeit briefly, but he's made his own Star Trek show in the Hulu series, The Orville. It's a franchise that features the same type of compelling storytelling that the golden era of Star Trek truly embraced.

Now, with Star Trek being in a bit of a transitional period, someone like MacFarlane could bring back some stability to the franchise. Not only that, but he can bring the franchise's look and style back under control, while also making a quality product for far less than Alex Kurtzman has been able to do.

We know he can make good Star Trek shows that have the look, feel, and ambiance we're looking for. All he needs to do is take out the, at times, grotesque comedy, and MacFarlane would be among the seemingly most perfect candidates out there. He'd be hard to get, and if The Orville is still happening, it's not likely he'd want to abandon his project. Still, if Star Trek can land MacFarlane, then the franchise would be in some stellar hands.