3 names we want to see take over Star Trek's immediate future

Here are three names we'd like to see take over Star Trek.
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Henry Alonso Myers

A lot of credit for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' dominance among Star Trek brands has to do with the people leading the show. Namely, Henry Alonso Myers. Myers has been one of the biggest driving forces behind Strange New Worlds and came in largely detached from the rest of the Star Trek franchise as a whole.

Before arriving on Star Trek, he was known as a bit of a hit-maker on the television side of things. He was the producer for Charmed from 2004-2005, an executive producer on Ugly Betty, a consulting producer on Chuck, and an executive producer on both Covert Affairs and The Magicians.

Beyond that, he's written some of the better episodes from the shows he's worked on. Like Chuck's "Couch Luck" and Strange New Worlds' "Spock Amok" and "Hegemony". He has a talent for storytelling and has an obvious awareness of what works with Star Trek.

He may be among the more inexperience and more outsider-ish people Star Trek could bring into the fold but I firmly believe that he would be able to do some great work with the franchise, especially if Alex Kurtzman no longer has any ties to the show and film side of things.