3 names we want to see take over Star Trek's immediate future

Here are three names we'd like to see take over Star Trek.
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Robert Duncan McNeill

The last name is one that most Star Trek fans should know quite well; Robert Duncan McNeill. While he seemingly disappeared from the public eye after Star Trek: Voyager, the fact is that he's still very much involved with Hollywood. Despite no longer acting as much as he used to, McNeill has written, directed, and produced a variety of films and shows since the end of Voyager.

Since then he's served as an executive producer on Chuck, The Gifted, Turner, and Hooch, and most recently the SyFy series, Resident Alien. He's also directed episodes for So Help Me Todd, Suits, The Resident, The Orville, Blue Bloods, Warehouse 13, Suburgatory, Supernatural, and The O.C.

And none of that even includes his time as a featured player on Star Trek: Voyager. On Voyager, he played Tom Paris, the cocky, yet earnest pilot of the USS Voyager. He became a fan-favorite due to his snark and loyalty and saw one of the better character grows on the show.

Not only that, but McNeill also directed four episodes of the series; Sacred Ground, Unity, the acclaimed Someone to Watch Over Me, and Body and Soul. Few people in the industry have the experience, history, and creativity to do the job as McNeil does.