3 of the biggest up and coming stars from the current crop of Star Trek series

Star Trek has produced some of the biggest names
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Isa Briones (Picard)

Representing Star Trek: Picard is Isa Briones, who played a handful of characters in her two seasons on the show. She played four different characters during her time on Picard, (twin sisters Dahj and Soji, Sutra (and the design for her twin Jana), as well as Kore Soong. Her turn on Picard was one of the few well-received parts from the first two seasons and really helped establish her as a fan favorite among viewers.

Apparently, the world of Star Trek wasn't the only one who agreed, as Briones was later selected by the Goosebumps franchise to take a leading role in the first season fo their new Disney+ series. She stars as Margot on the show, who is best friends with the main character Isaiah. Clearly, she's being looked at as a leading lady-caliber talent, and we're excited to see where she goes Next.

She ended up getting the nod mostly due to Picard's roster being far more established, with her only real competition being Ed Speleers and Evan Evagora. Speleers had a failed turn as a leading name early in his career, starring as the titular Eragon, while Evagora has yet to land another major role since Picard wrapped.