3 of the biggest up and coming stars from the current crop of Star Trek series

Star Trek has produced some of the biggest names
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Jack Quaid (Lower Decks)

Jack Quaid landed on Star Trek: Lower Decks before his other series, "The Boys", premiered. So he's getting the nod as having landed his role on Star Trek before he was a household name because who knew The Boys would be as big of a hit as it's become. Quaid plays Brad Boimler on Lower Decks, a simple but intelligent cadet who just wants to rise up the ranks of Starfleet and not break any of the rules.

On The Boys, he's essentially a domestic terrorist trying to kill superheroes who are far worse than the supervillains they claim to fight. It's a wild juxtaposition. He's done great work on both shows and is someone that a lot of people have high expectations for, and why not? Since premiering in both Lower Decks and The Boys, he's landed leading roles in The Scream franchise, had a major role in Oppenheimer, The Rock-led Rampage film, not to mention turns in both Marvel and DC, with Across The Spiderverse and Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1.

Lower Decks has a few standout names worth nothing, but Quaid came into the show on the verge of blowing up and did just that by the time the show ended. There is no one from the show, up-and-comer or not, who matches his status at the moment.