3 ways Star Trek: Voyager could've made the Kes and Neelix relationship better

Neelix and Kes were characters that were failed by a writing staff who had some weird ideas.
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Star Trek: Voyager was a great show that featured a lot of great characters and ideas. It featured compelling storylines, dynamic battles, and a really great coupling. The second time around. The couple of Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres became the definitive couple of the show, but they weren't the first one. No, the first major couple featured Neelix and Kes.

Neelix was a 34-year-old Talaxian who joined the U.S.S. Voyager as a sort of Delta Quadrant guide, cook, and eventual morale officer. Kes was an Ocampan, who essentially became The Doctor's nurse, in Sick Bay, with the goal of becoming a doctor herself. The two of them dated, and there was nothing weird about that.

Oh, yeah, one small issue, Kes was just two. Ocampans don't age like most other species, instead having a lifespan of about nine or so years. So while yes, Kes was a child to most species, she was still a young woman, more so in her early 20s, which was more in line with the age of Kes' actress, Jennifer Lien, who was actually was.

Still, Kes was just two, and very naïve, making the pairing very skeezy.

There was no way to make the actual version of this relationship work. It's too weird, too twisted and while we can all accept that Kes aged differently, most of us can't fathom being in a romantic relationship with a person who wasn't born when we were just turning 30.

So to fix this horrid dynamic, we think you need to reshape the whole thing. Now this could mean changing a small aspect or the entire basis of the relationship, either way works for us, as long as the idea of this relationship changes forever.

So here are three suggestions that would've made the Kes and Neelix dynamic far more tolerable, dare we say...enjoyable?