4 other sports teams we'd love to see Star Trek sponsor

Star Trek sponsored a soccer team in Berlin, and boy, does that give us ideas.
1. FC Union Berlin v Bayer 04 Leverkusen - Bundesliga
1. FC Union Berlin v Bayer 04 Leverkusen - Bundesliga / Boris Streubel/GettyImages
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2. Houston Astros - Baseball (MLB)

Finally, we're moving on to actual space-related themes. When looking for teams that have a space theme, you'd think there'd be far more than there are. After all, space is so cool and it has so much to offer and explore. Plus, who doesn't love franchises like Star Trek, Star Wars, or Battlestar Galactica?

When looking at fitting teams, few are as fitting or as successful as the MLB's Houston Astros.

The Houston Astros have the most modern success of any of the four teams on the list, winning two World Series titles in the last decade, though one of which was the biggest scandal in baseball over the last 20 years.

Still, unlike both Jets teams, who only made the list because jets are sort of like spaceships, the Astros are actually about space. Team president Roy Hofheinz named the team the Astros in 1964 to honor the Houston-based NASA-manned Space Center, and even named their stadium something similar; the Astrodome.

The team is currently led by future Hall of Famer Jose Altuve and slugger Alex Bregman, and while they've had recent success, the club is off to a rough start in 2024 with a 2-7 record to start the season.