5 Great Star Trek: Enterprise season 1 episodes worth watching

What Star Trek: Enterprise episodes are worth watching?
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S1:E25: Two Days and Two Nights: It's shore leave time as humanity makes it's first trip to the paradise planet of Risa.

After planning a stop at Risa for a few weeks, finally, the Enterprise crew gets to sample paradise on another planet, however, just about everyone's shore leave doesn't exactly go as planned. Since they only have a couple of days, the Enterprise crew essentially draws straws to see who would be able to get away this time. The results: Captain Archer, Commander Tucker, Lieutenant Reed & Ensigns Sato and Mayweather are the winners from the bridge crew, while Doctor Phlox decides to use the time to hibernate.

Calamity ensues as one by one, the Enterprise crew faces various setbacks. The Captain meets a fellow vacationer who is more interested in obtaining information on the Suliban and turns out to be a Tandaran operative, Travis Mayweather breaks his leg while rock climbing, and while he's treated at a Risan medical facility, due to an allergy, he's now having trouble breathing & needs to return to the ship, where Dr. Phlox needs to be woken up to treat him. When Trip & Malcolm decide that a trip to Risa is high time to be eligible bachelors, they're ultimately swindled by a couple of shapeshifters and return to Enterprise in just their underwear. The one member of the senior staff who actually has a good time on this trip is Hoshi, who works on her interpretation skills and spends the night with a guy she meets.

Certainly, there are other worthwhile episodes in the first season to watch, these five are by far my favorites! I'll be back with a few more for Season 2 worth watching before Enterprise gets into the Xindi arc. While the Xindi arc is well told, it's not my favorite storyline. However, the series does finish strong with a few episodes near its end that quickly put a cap on the series.

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