5 Star Trek: Enterprise episodes from season 2 you NEED to watch

What Star Trek: Enterprise episodes are worth watching?

"Star Trek: Enterprise" 4th Season Premiere
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S2:E2: Carbon Creek: While having dinner one night in the Captain's dining room, T'Pol entertains Captain Archer & Commander Tucker with a story of the first meeting between Humans & Vulcans that didn't occur in Boseman, Montana!

This one strays from the "laying the groundwork" that I typically like to include here, but when Archer & Tucker congratulate T'Pol on her 1-year Anniversary since joining the Enterprise crew, Archer brings up a 5-day leave she had taken while stationed in Sausalito to a small mining town in Pennsylvania.

T'Pol explains how she went to check out the place of first contact between Humans & Vulcans when a Vulcan scout ship containing her Great Grandmother had crash landed in Pennsylvania in the 1950s while observing the launch of Earth's first satellite, Sputnik 1. She tells the story of how with their ship destroyed, their communications system compromised & their emergency rations running low, how the Vulcans needed to disguise themselves to blend in with the townsfolk.

It's a fun story that shows the Vulcans misunderstanding social queues like when a group of guys are listening to a baseball game on the radio while the Vulcans believe it to be a type of combat, or when one of the Vulcans is nicknamed "Mo" after the member of the Three Stooges because of his hair style. Trip Tucker even quips: "Two Vulcans stroll into a bar, hustle a few games of pool and walk out with an armload of TV dinners. Sounds like an old episode of The Twilight Zone!"