5 Star Trek: Enterprise episodes from season 2 you NEED to watch

What Star Trek: Enterprise episodes are worth watching?

"Star Trek: Enterprise" 4th Season Premiere
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S2:E13: Dawn: While testing an autopilot upgrade on a shuttlepod, Commander Tucker comes under fire and is forced to crash land on a desolate moon & must make friends with his assailant with no universal translator in order to be rescued.

Stranded alone on a desolate moon, Trip must make peace with the alien who fired upon his shuttlepod who is also stranded on the moon. Unfortunately, he has no universal translator, so that could pose a bit of a problem.

Much like the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, The Enemy, when Geordi is trapped on a hostile planet only with a Romulan, Trip must make peace with the Arkonian, Zho'Kaan - from a species the Vulcans have had little to no luck in making peace with over the last century. Because as T'Pol explains to Captain Archer following Trip's retrieval, "The encounter was less volatile than I expected. You managed to establish better relations in a single day than the Vulcans have in a century." Which, if you're keeping score...is one of the few times when we fared better in first contact than the Vulcans.