A buyer for Star Trek's parent company, Paramount Global, has emerged

Star Trek may have a more stable future coming their way.
Star Trek: Discovery – Special Advance Fan Screening of the Final Season in NYC
Star Trek: Discovery – Special Advance Fan Screening of the Final Season in NYC / Dave Kotinsky/GettyImages

Star Trek has been impacted severely by the issues at Paramount Global. Their streaming service, Paramount+ is on shaky ground, most of the successful and highly vaunted programming that was designed to bring people to the service has been canceled. Successful franchises like Trek have had their budgets cleaved into chunks of what it once was.

Things aren't good. Or we should say, weren't good. There are now reports from various outlets like the New York Times, Deadline, and others (via TrekMovie) that are saying a buyer for Paramount Global has finally emerged.

According to those in the know, Skydance has entered into exclusive negotiations to buy the company. All other bids have been rejected either permanently or temporarily depending on how the negotiations go. This means that currently, Skydance is the only person who could walk away with the company while the negotiations are ongoing. This is usually the first step to a purchase and a strong sign that a deal will get done.

It's being reported that Skydance CEO David Ellison has met with Shari Redstone, the woman who owns the controlling stake in Paramount Global's voting stock. She's the one that's selling, and in doing so, will essentially give whoever buys her shares the control of the company. To further emphasize how close this deal is from happening, Ellison has also met with Paramount Global's special committee. They deal with mergers and the requirements that go on there. As Skydance is their own production studio, this was more than likely a requirement for any deal to go through.

The report goes on to say that Ellison would need to buy out Redstone's National Amusement company from Paramount Global first. If they can do so in the next 30 days the deal will continue through. It's unclear if Ellison would buy the rest of the stock as well, but it doesn't appear to be the case as of right now. Skydance and Ellison were not seen as the favorite to land the company, as there were deeper pockets in play, but the hope from Redstone, so it seems, is to keep Paramount Global intact as much as possible without selling off pieces of the company. Apparently, Ellison is the best hope in that dream becoming a reality.