A new social media trend has us perplexed about The Borg Queen and her fans

Star Trek fans have gone a bit wild with this latest and eye-catching social media trend.
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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that may be true. They also say Justice is blind and that could actually explain a lot. Now, by all means, like who you like, but have a little decorum when talking about your crushes. Something we found out that not a lot of people practice. Recently, a new trend on Twitter/X popped up where a user asked fans "Which character is weirdly attractive".

And the responses got interesting, and had us questioning the beholders.

They ranged from the mild to the wild, but few were as eye-catching as the suggestion from the original poster. An account called All the Right Movies presented their pick to start off the discussion; The Borg Queen from Star Trek: First Contact. Now, we're not perplexed that anyone would find Alice Krige, the actress who originally portrayed the Borg Queen in said film, as attractive. She's a very beautiful woman.

The Borg Queen is radically different. The pale milky complexion, the veiny skin, the amorphous head, and of course the tubes that run in and out of her body make for an uncomfortable design.

Which is the point.

She's an H.R. Giger work come to life. Again, Krige, the actress, is gorgeous. Her cyborg-zombie-alien look? Not even close. She's arguably the most horrifying and villainous creature in all of Star Trek. She's also one of the most iconic villains in all of Star Trek for a reason. Sex appeal was not the intent when she was designed.

So many impressive adjectives could be used to describe her; scary, intimidating, ferocious, intelligent, conniving, and relentless. Attractive would not be one of the words I'd used to describe the villainous queen, nor would there be any synonymous to come to mind. Again, it has to be brought up, that was the point. She wasn't designed like an Orion because the point wasn't to draw fans into her. She wasn't a Bond villain or any other type of seductress. She was a monster.

Why people think the Borg Queen is attractive is anyone's guess. Maybe it's the way she can control an entire room, or how easily she got Data to bend to her will. We're not sure what would inspire attraction in the Borg Queen, but hey, to each their own.