A new Star Trek video game is already being shelved

Star Trek fans who play video games is in for a bad news day.
2018 Star Trek Convention Las Vegas
2018 Star Trek Convention Las Vegas / Gabe Ginsberg/GettyImages

While the Playmates line of Star Trek figures may have not lasted as long as we had all hoped for, modern fans are still getting a lot of great new things to spend their income on, namely video games. A whole host of new games have come out over the years recently and for the first time since the early 2000s, Trek fans have a whole list of things to play.

Since Star Trek: Discovery launched as show, we've gotten PC games like Star Trek: Timelines, console and PC ports of Star Trek: Prodigy: Supernova, Star Trek: Resurgence, Star Trek Bridge Crew, Star Trek: Online, and on mobile we've had Star Trek Trek: Timelines, Star Trek: Trexels II, Star Trek Fleet Command and Star Trek: Legends.

That doesn't even count the latest game that came out in October of 2023, Star Trek: Infinite, a computer game that was described as a "grand strategy video game". The game had mixed reviews, landing a 6/10 on Steam and mostly getting viewed as mediocre.

The lack of hype and support by the fandom has caused the publisher of the game, Paradox Interactive, to stop any further support for the game going forward. It was announced this week that the game would no longer have any updates going forward, a sign that the game is likely dead in the water.

There's always a chance that a sudden influx of new players and an increase in sales would cause Paradox Interactive to rethink its stance, but that doesn't happen usually. The developer made sure to go on and talk about their experiences with the game and the people who worked on it, saying via a forum post;

""Today, we bring news regarding the future of Star Trek: Infinite, a journey we’ve embarked on together with a lot of excitement.

Sadly, we must inform you that Star Trek: Infinite will not receive further updates.

We want to extend our gratitude to those who have been the backbone of this journey. To the incredible team at Nimble Giant whose dedication and creativity made Star Trek: Infinite a reality. Working alongside such a talented group has been a privilege.""

It's a shame that the game is already dead after just releasing in October, but luckily this seems to be an outlier in current Trek games, so it shouldn't affect the franchise too badly.