Alex Kurtzman states that Star Trek's health is "vibrant"

Alex Kurtzman wants fans to know that Star Trek is just fine.

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"Star Trek: Discovery" | SXSW Featured Session | The Trailblazing Journey To The Fifth And Final / Daniel Boczarski/GettyImages

Star Trek has been through it this last year. Not just Star Trek, but every property that Paramount owns. From two different strikes to the financial collapses of Paramount+, the cancelations due to a dying service model, and not to mention the flack that came their way from the HBO documentary Quiet on the Set.

Paramount has had it rough, and because Paramount has had it rough, Star Trek has had it rough. Three shows were canceled, and the current model seems to be shifting from serialized content to shorter forms of content, namely straight-to-streaming films. The move should be a good one for cost-cutting measures, something that the parent company of Trek wants to do as much of as possible.

Despite the change in focus, and there is a change, as there are a reported four films in the works compared to just one new show, things seem to be going smoothly. Alex Kurtzman, the head of Trek, has said as much to Cinemablend.

"“The good news is that the health of the franchise is vibrant now. We’re shooting Section 31, we’re about to start Starfleet Academy, and there’s a couple of surprises coming up after that. So there’s definitely no shortage of Star Trek incoming.”"

While it may not seem that way, the idea of having six shows on at once was never sustainable. Having one, maybe two shows airing at a time, with a new film every year appears to be a much more sustainable model. Especially if Star Trek and its execs opt to focus more on the properties that appeal to the majority of fans, instead of pockets of the fandom.

It's that desire to cater to a niche audience that has damaged a lot of larger brands and helped hinder the streaming industry. it's not the sole reason, as there are many reasons why streaming is on the verge of going belly up, but not focusing on Star Trek's tenant of the "needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" is part of the reason things have gone so bad for everyone.