Anson Mount thanks lifelong Star Trek fans as season three of Strange New Worlds wraps filming


Anson Mount, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Captain Christopher Pike, shared an upbeat video on his Instagram page, letting fans know that season three had wrapped filming. Though there were still "a few more things going on," the actor is officially done until the spring of 2025 when the series returns to begin filming for season four.

Mount also thanked fans for sticking by the series during the strike and "understanding our need to fight." He continued by thanking "lifelong Star Trek fans," adding that he was one, and fans helped him live out his dream.

When season two of Strange New Worlds came to an end, Pike and his crew were fighting the Gorn again, and Captain Batel, the commander of the USS Cayuga had been infected with Gorn eggs. She was beamed back to the Enterprise and placed in emergency medical stasis, but she'd asked to be killed if Dr. M'Benga and Nurse Chapel couldn't find a cure, much to Pike's consternation. He and the crew had already witnessed Chief Engineer Hemmer make the painful decision to end his life rather than be an incubator for the Gorn's eggs as their birth would be not only horrible for Hemmer but deadly for the crew. While it's understandable why Batel would make the same decision, whether Pike will allow that to happen will be an exciting part of season three.

Though filming for the third season has wrapped, we shouldn't expect to see whether or not Captain Batel survives the infection until 2025 because of the time involved in post production. But an Instagram post from Jess Bush warned us that we would "lost our freakin' minds." So the wait is sure to be worth it!

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