Armin Shimerman is grateful for one part of the Ferengi makeup

Albert L. Ortega/GettyImages

Portraying the main Ferengi on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine meant Armin Shimerman spent two hours each morning getting whole-head prosthetics, fingernails, and makeup applied to his hands. Then the teeth were put in place, and he was ready to go. As difficult as it was to get ready for his role, Shimerman was glad about one thing—the Ferengi teeth.

In an episode of The Delta Flyers with Garrett Wang and Robert Duncan McNeill [via Screenrant], Shimerman said he was grateful that his makeup didn't come down as far as Rene Aubuerjonois' makeup as it made eating messy. At least he could remove his teeth which enabled him to eat when he was off-camera. If he had to eat on camera, it was still a difficult mess.

""Difficult, yeah. It was messy. ... But I was always grateful that I didn't have René [Aubuerjonois]'s makeup, because his [Constable Odo] makeup came down to his lips, and every time he ate, the makeup would come up. So for many reasons, I was grateful for the teeth, and that my makeup didn't come down that far.""

Armin Shimerman

In season three episode six of Star Trek: Lower Decks, "Hear All, Trust Nothing," Shimerman insisted on wearing the teeth again even though he was only voice acting. He knew the dental appliance helped him to sound like Quark, and he wanted to be as authentic as possible as it maintained consistency between the live-action Quark and the animated Quark. And, though it had been over twenty years since Quark had made an "appearance" on camera, the second Shimerman started speaking, we knew the familiar, greedy Ferengi had returned.

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