Believe it or not, Star Trek and Star Wars share a planet with the same name

Star Trek put a clever little Easter Egg into one of their later stories, giving a knowing nod to Star Wars fans.

2018 Yuri's Night - Earthrise
2018 Yuri's Night - Earthrise / Albert L. Ortega/GettyImages

Star Trek and Star Wars rarely ever intersect. While both are science fiction franchises, they both look at things differently. Star Trek is a naval story that involves politics and morality plays, rolled into one, usually, a 42-minute story that resolves itself at the end. Star Wars is more like The Lord of The Rings in space. A space opera that focuses on magic, the battle between good and evil, and bombastic action scenes.

They're both their own things and cater to different aspects of sci-fi fandoms. They rarely, if ever, cross over. Though, they have been known to from time to time. There have been times when fans thought they saw a Starfleet ship in Phantom Menace or the time in First Contact where the Millennium Falcon can be seen in the background of the opening fight battle against the Borg.

There have been a few instances, but never anything significant that would lead you to believe an official crossover is coming, and honeslty it shouldn't be that the two franchises are radically different. It'd be like putting Sesame Street puppets as the core characters of Euphoria. Some things just don't fit together.

That doesn't mean that the franchises won't subtly acknowledge one another, however. In the 18th episode of season two of The Next Generation ("Up the Long Ladder"), we get another nod to the other franchise. At one point, fans can see a starship manifest for the HMS New Zealand, and on the manifest is a report that the ship is heading to the planet Alderaan.

For those who don't know the reference, Alderaan is the planet that Grand Moff Tarken and Darth Vader destroyed in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The planet is the adoptive home planet of Princess Leia and the dastardly Empire destroys destroys it as a way to get information out of Leia.

It's a subtle reference, and like the prior nod to the Falcon in First Contact, it serves little more than fan service for fans who are paying attention more than normal.