Brent Spiner's idea for a Star Trek: Nemesis sequel was a Justice League type movie

IMAX "Picard" Screening
IMAX "Picard" Screening / Jesse Grant/GettyImages

Brent Spiner and John Logan had an idea for one more send-off movie for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

No one wanted Star Trek: Nemesis to be the final movie for Star Trek: The Next Generation. The cast deserved more, and Brent Spiner and John Logan's idea would have been an unforgettable goodbye to the crew of the Enterprise.

According to an interview for Star Trek Magazine [via Screenrant], Spiner and Logan had envisioned the idea of all the Star Trek captains coming together to defeat all of the Star Trek villains. So this movie would brought back Khan, Shinzon, the Borg, and so many more, but Captain Picard would have known that he and his crew could not take them all on their own.

He travels back in time to pick out the Starfleet personnel who can help him. He would have gone back to just before Data blows up in Nemesis and then return to get Captain Kirk before his death. He would enlist Spock and then go even further back to recruit Star Trek: Enterprise's Captain Archer. Then Captain Janeway would have had to have been a part of it as well as Captain Sisko. Sounds like a great idea, right? Unfortunately, Paramount deemed the movie too expensive. So The Next Generation movies ended with Nemesis

Brent Spiner and John Logan's idea would have been astronomically expensive, but think of what it could have done for the Star Trek franchise.

There's never been a time when all of the captains came together in a mighty battle. This movie would have united all of them against enemies both known and unknown to them. Archer never faced The Borg, Captain Kirk never encountered Shinzon, and, of course, Captain Picard never came face to face with Khan. Throw in the Hirogen from Star Trek: Voyager and the Jem'Hdar from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and this would have been an epic battle, possibly even setting the franchise up for its own type of super-hero movies in the future.

And while this isn't a movie we'll get to see, there is still a possibility we could see slices of it in the future. And now, Captain Pike, Captain Burnham, and Captain Freeman could all be a part. Add in Captain Riker and Captain Chakotay, and the film just escalated.

Is this entire movie wishful thinking? Yes, but it just goes to show that there are plenty of additional ideas for future Star Trek stories. Let's hope Paramount chooses to use some!

dark. Next. Picard offered a different kind of closure for Brent Spiner. Picard offered a different kind of closure for Brent Spiner