Can Captain Liam Shaw's journey continue without Star Trek: Legacy?


Captain Liam Shaw (Todd Stashwick) died aboard the USS Titan in the final season of Star Trek: Picard, but that hasn't stopped fans from wanting to know more about the captain. And they want him back should Star Trek: Legacy ever get greenlit, but is it possible we could learn more about the captain's journey without the spin-off to Star Trek: Picard?

IDW Publishing brought in a younger Commander Shaw in Star Trek #20, and he was just as irascible in the comics as he was onscreen. And while it was nice to get a glimpse of Shaw in another form of media, that certainly doesn't satisfy fan craving for more of the captain. Stashwick has already confirmed that if Legacy happens, Shaw would be returning as his character is "Spock dead." But what does that mean for the character in the forseeable future without Legacy?

IDW Publishing bringing Shaw into the comics is a great place to start, but giving Stashwick screen time will be a different matter. Star Trek series are moving slowly nowadays after the cancellation of Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Lower Decks, and no other series has been greenlit beyond Starfleet Academy.

Star Trek: Legacy would be en expensive venture, without a doubt. But if it doesn't happen, perhaps Paramount would consider a Star Trek: Titan or Star Trek: Shaw series, even if it's only a limited series. That would open up Shaw's backstory and wouldn't be as cost-prohibitive as a new show that includes characters who would command a dear price to reprise their roles.

Much like Star Trek: Short Treks, a limited series could delve into aspects of the character we didn't get to see onscreen. Even a two-hour movie would be welcome, considering how little we know about Captain Shaw and how much more we want to know.

Shaw has already been brought back in the comics. We can only hope that Paramount sees this as further proof that fans are interested in this dynamic character. If more series aren't going to be greenlit for a while, then a limited series or streaming movie would fill the void and give us the opportunity to get to know the captain a lot better.

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