Chris Pine admits to being wrong about Star Trek 4

Star Trek star Chris Pine admits to not being correct about the status of Star Trek 4.
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Star Trek film star Chris Pine has been the one name constantly attached to the current and future of the film series. No other star has had any real involvement in the production of the supposed fourth film, which is constantly reported as being in production yet no work has actually happened on it just yet. The film saw the most headway yet in 2022 when Pine and the rest of his surviving cast mates were officially announced to be part of the project.

Despite none of them knowing they were part of the project. Things moved fast for Pine and apparently only Pine, as he had some sort of deal in place and was privy to certain aspects of the pre-production, like the script but eventually all of that fell apart.

Speaking to Business Insider, Pine revealed that he has no clue where the current production of the film stands, saying;

" “I honestly don’t know. There was something in the news of a new writer coming on board. I thought there was already a script, but I guess I was wrong, or they decided to pivot. As it’s always been with Trek, I just wait and see.” "

In a post by Deadline, they go on to say the contact between Paramount and Pine isn't that great. That could be indicative to a larger problem, because if you're not in communication with your cast, then there's no reason to think you're ready to start work.

After all, schedules have to be made, and finding a time when everyone can do the work is vital. If that part of the conversation hasn't even happened yet, then there's no reason to believe that this film is even close to happening.

There are, allegedly, four films in the works, with one for Paramount+, Section 31, two theatrical releases, the Kelvin timeline prequel film, Star Trek 4, and a rumored fourth film that has no home just yet. As of right now, only Section 31 seems likely.