Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating are ready to come back to any iteration of Star Trek

Michael Loccisano/GettyImages

Star Trek: Enterprise stars Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating only enjoyed four seasons as their respective characters, Charles "Trip" Tucker, III and Malcolm Reed. And while Trinneer returned to voice his animated character in one of last year's Very Short Treks, Keating has not portrayed the character in any format since Enterprise ended in 2005. But that doesn't mean the actors aren't interested in revisiting the characters or any other character in Star Trek.

The two actors headlined a Star Trek: Enterprise panel at the Star Trek San Francisco convention recently [via Trekmovie], and as it inevitably does, the subject of a return for the characters was brought up with moderator Ryan Husk beginning to ask "So the question is, they come knocking on your door or texting your…" Before he could complete the question, both actors cut him off with quick positive responses. Husk then followed that up with asking if the actors would be willing to return to the franchise as different characters. The question earned another positive response from Trinneer and Keating.

But that wasn't the only time the subject was approached during the panel. Another fan brought up the possibility of an animated series with the characters. Once again, both actors said a quick yes, with Keating adding that animation was fun to do "you can show up in your shorts and tee shirt. Ask the Lower Decks people."

Though the stars and the fans want the characters to come back to the franchise, clearly, Star Trek: Enterprise has been overlooked with no actor appearing in a current iteration. Hopefully, that is something that will be rectified in the future as Star Trek: Lower Decks creator Mike McMahan has expressed interest in bringing Enterprise stars to the series.

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