Could another fan campaign save Star Trek: Lower Decks?


When Star Trek: Prodigy was cancelled by Paramount+ last April, dedicated fans took to social media (and the skies) to protest. Not only was a petition signed, but fans collected money to fly an aerial sign above Netflix and other streaming channels' offices. Prodigy was picked up by Netflix, and the first season began airing on the channel in December with the second season arriving sometime this year. Both the creators and the executive producer of the series thanked the fans and gave them credit for helping to save the show. So now the question is: can the same thing happen for Star Trek: Lower Decks?

Season five will be the last for Lower Decks unless the rallying cry of fans can be loud enough to be heard by another channel. Already #savelowerdecks has made its way onto social media, and one petition has garnered 4,910 signatures as of this writing while another one has reached 7,879 signatures. A Twitter/X page has been created. And there's a Reddit thread updating people on the drive to save the show. But will it be enough?

Alex Kurtzman recently said, in an interview with CinemaBlend, that it woudl be difficult for any modern-day Star Trek series to reach 100 episodes as the series of the past. So it definitely sounds like the studio has made up its mind that five seasons of approximately ten episodes each is going to be the running length for any Star Trek show. Star Trek: Discovery will wrap up its fifth and final season, coming in at 65 episodes, and Lower Decks will wrap with 50 which doesn't seem like a whole lot in the grand scheme of things.

That said, having received five seasons, will Lower Decks get a reprieve from another channel? It's entirely possible if the demand is strong enough and all the ducks line up in a row. But we definitely know it's not going to get un-cancelled by Paramount+. It's a definite shame as it's been a popular show, even crossing over with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. There's a lot of life left in it yet, and I hope fans are successful in their bid for a sixth (and even more) season.

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