Could Star Trek: Deep Space Nine be on Alex Kurtzman's list of "surprises"?

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ushered in a different era of Star Trek. Instead of taking to the skies, the crew of Deep Space Nine was based on the space station, and a lot of the action came to them. The series developed a legion of fans who, to this day, want to see more. And although some believe the characters' arcs all tied up nicely, with the exception of Captain Sikso's, others think there are many stories left untold. So it wasn't a surprise when, at a 2022 San Diego Comic Con [via Cinema Blend], the question of whether or not Alex Kurtzman and the Star Trek team were entertaining the possibilty of a Deep Space Nine revival came up.

Of course Kurtzman didn't come right out and say that there was one in the offing, but he did say that "conversations had been had." He then added that Sisko was "a critical, critical figure for everybody." This was around the same time conversations were being had about the possibility of Kate Mulgrew's Admiral Kathryn Janeway returning to live action.

Both Nana Visitor and Armin Shimerman have made vocal appearances on Star Trek: Lower Decks, which fans adored. So the love of Deep Space Nine hasn't faded, and it being available for streaming has created new fans. And we've always questioned whether or not Captain Sisko returned to his wife and children. So, is that a possibility now?

We already know about four projects Star Trek has in motion—the Section 31 movie, Starfleet Academy, Star Trek 4, and a Star Trek origins movie, but what about the "couple of surprises" Kurtzman mentioned last month at the Star Trek: Discovery publicity tour? [via Trekmovie]

"“The good news is that the health of the franchise is vibrant now. We’re shooting Section 31, we’re about to start Starfleet Academy, and there’s a couple of surprises coming up after that. So there’s definitely no shortage of Star Trek incoming.”"

Alex Kurtzman

A return to Deep Space Nine would certainly be a welcome surprise, and, over the years, various actors from the series have expressed interest in returning, even if only in recurring roles. Add to this the success of Star Trek: Picard's third and final season, and we can see that older Trek is still some of the best Trek there is. It just makes sense that just a year after those phenomenal ten episodes that executives would consider delving back into past successes with the actors that made Deep Space Nine unforgettable.

With Paramount+ having expressed interest in a streaming Star Trek movie every two years and Section 31 completed, most likely, execs are eyeing the next film, if they haven't already decided. A brand new movie with a new cast of characters that no one knows has less chance of success than a movie with familiar characters. Maybe I'm wrong (it's certainly happened before), but I think we're going to see more of past Star Trek in the future. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it will be Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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