Could Star Trek: Legacy become a movie instead of a series?


Star Trek fans have been clamoring for a Star Trek: Legacy series since season three of Star Trek: Picard began. So far there has been no forward movement on the potential series even though Alex Kurtzman has said the fans have been heard. That doesn't necessarily mean the series will be greenlit. What we do know, though, is that Paramount+ is interested in filming several Star Trek movies. We don't know whether this is to gauge the interest of the viewers or simply because it's less expensive than a series. Either way, it's possible Star Trek: Legacy could head in that direction.

As Screenrant reported earlier this year, Paramount+ wants to make a Star Trek movie to stream on the channel every two years. If that is how the channel intends to move forward, and since there has not been any mention of an additional series except for Starfleet Academy, it's entirely possible Kurtzman's idea of hearing the fans means a movie.

This might not be altogether a bad idea. If Star Trek: Legacy is made into a movie which ends up doing extremely well for Paramount+ then the odds are good there would either be a sequel movie or the commission of a series. Either way, we get to see Captain Seven of Nine at the helm of the Enterprise with Jack Crusher and Raffi Musiker at her side as second in command.

Does anyone doubt that a Legacy movie would be successful, especially if some of the original characters like Will Riker, Admiral Picard, Dr. Crusher, Worf, Data, and Commodore La Forge return e even in small roles? This should be Paramount+'s next project, especially since the channel needs to make a profit. Star Trek: Legacy will bring in the viewers just as the third season of Star Trek: Picard did.

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