Could the Star Trek: Discovery cast return in crossovers with a current series?


Star Trek: Discovery will wrap up its five season run this year, beginning with two episodes premiering on April 4th. As the cast received news of the cancellation after they'd completed filming season five, they were allowed to go back and film an epilogue that wraps up the series. But that doesn't necessarily mean it wraps up the characters.

Sonequa Martin-Green (Captain Burnham), in a conversation with EW [via Trekmovie], addressed the question of whether these characters could return in crossovers, and she said the cast has been getting that question for some time. And speaking for all of the cast, she said they would all do it, going on to add that it would be a "great thing."

Granted, Discovery is set in the 32nd century so crossing over wouldn't work for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds or Star Trek: Lower Decks unless one of the Discovery characters time traveled, which is always a possibility for Star Trek. Another option, though, is one that Doug Jones (Saru) brought up in a recent interview with Trekmovie, and that's the upcoming new series from Paramount, Starfleet Academy.

"I hear it’s in our same timeline. So that’s the one show that I could cross over. I guess any of us could.”"

Doug Jones

And Saru does get an offer for a position within Starfleet, according to the synopsis from the first episode of season five. Jones didn't let on as to whether Saru would accept the offer, but that could make it easier to bring him into the Academy. And he did say that Saru "would have a lot to offer a class of kids with his wisdom and instructional ways."

Honestly, having the characters from Discovery crossover into Starfleet Academy would make sense with the new series being set in the 32nd century. After all, Discovery was there first, and who could teach the students better than those who've gone before?

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