Could we still see Captain Robert April at the helm of the Enterprise?

Phillip Faraone/GettyImages

Captain Robert April commanded the USS Enterprise before Captain Christopher Pike, but we've never seen him at the actual helm. All of the Star Trek series, with the exception of Star Trek: Enterprise, have taken place after his time serving as the captain. Star Trek: The Animated Series had Commodore Robert April (voiced by James Doohan) in one episode, "The Counter-Clock Incident", but there were no live-action versions of the captain until Star Trek: Strange New Worlds brought the talented Adrian Holmes aboard.

April, who is now an admiral has been seen in a few episodes both in season one and season two, and will most likely return in season three as he's Captain Pike's commanding officer. And while it's great to see April brought into canon, we've missed out on seeing him at the helm of the Enterprise.

With CBS Studios going back in time for a new Star Trek movie, which is set decades before the time of Captain Kirk and Spock, it opens up the possibility for more return to the past with Captain April. Having seen all of the other captains take their seat on the bridge, it would be great to see how April would command the Enterprise.

Holmes would be the perfect choice for a streaming movie that Paramount is interested in, and most fans would love to see what he could do as the captain, along with the crew who would serve under him. If Paramount is heading in the direction of a continual stream of movies on Paramount+, there's hope that it will consider putting Holmes as the lead in one of those films. Perhaps it's time for fans to make their voices heard about their desire to see Captain April in action aboard the Enterprise. If we're going to go back in time, let's put April in the captain's chair!

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