Did the events of Star Trek: Voyager nearly end Harry Kim's career?

Harry Kim may not have transitioned well from his time aboard the USS Voyager.
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The events of Star Trek: Voyager were some of the best storytelling that Trek has ever produced. Telling the tale of two crews, forced to work together as they traversed uncharted space, the ship narrowly survived countless encounters with all sorts of baddies and made scientific breakthroughs along the way.

It's enough to make one Ensign board. Or so it turns out. Working alongside an icon like Captain Kathryne Janeway and doing battle with the Borg, and ultimately ending their threat for good (or so we thought), would make anyone a bit big-headed, and apparently that's what happened to Harry Kim, the former ensign and bridge crew member.

Despite being the youngest person on the ship for some time, he was a senior officer to Janeway and was seen as a top member of the ship apparently having all that going for him in the Delta Quadrant was too much for him to leave behind.

In a recent issue of IDW's Star Trek, issue 15, Tom Paris and Harry Kim reunited after some time apart, and in a surprising bit of dialogue, Kim revealed to Paris that his time on Voyager nearly ruined his career. Apparently after serving on other ships upon his return, Kim never found that next part of his journey that gave him the same feeling as his time on the Voyager did.

Calling his time bouncing around as the "minor leagues". A term Benjamin Sisko would appreciate.

This has all led Kim to become a Starfleet operative on the planet Tzenkethi (via Screen Rant). It's all rather surprising and a huge shift away from who Kim was during his time aboard Voyager. It takes a lot to go undercover, and that was something that Kim maybe couldn't do in Year 1, but by his final year on Voyager, the man who would become a secret agent for Starfleet was nearly fully formed.

It'd be awesome to see this story arc come to life in a future Star Trek series, as some of the best episodes of Voyager had an older and more hardened Harry Kim, and he was always awesome.

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