Did you know?: Chris Pine once dated the ship from Star Trek: Discovery?

Chris Pine had romantic ties to a major character from Star Trek: Discovery
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Star Trek has seen a lot of great romantic and non-romantic couplings over the years. William Shatner and Leonard McCoy were notoriously good friends for most of their lives. Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) dated Star Trek: Voyager executive producer Brennan Braga for a time. Heck, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine stars Alexander Siddig and Nana Visitor were married for a time.

It's not at all surprising but with all the hookups, dates, and marriage proposals, few can say they were romantically connected to a ship. More precisely the ship's computer. Chris Pine, who played the Kelvin Timeline's James Kirk, apparently dated a woman by the name of Annabelle Wallis. The name of the actress may not be the most well-known, but if you're a fan of Star Trek: Discovery you may recognize it.

She is, after all, the voice of the Discovery herself, Zora. Zoar is the artificial intelligence that helps control the Discovery. She has a personality, an identity, and a voice. That voice of course belongs to Wallis, who herself is a member of the Star Trek acting community.

While never official in any tangible way, Entertainment Tonight revealed that the two dated for some time before breaking up in 2022, making Wallis the first woman from the Star Trek franchise that Pine (probably) dated.

It's always interesting to see how the interpersonal dynamics between the acting crew develop and how things come together for them. With such a rich history that spans decades and such a wide array of opportunities to meet one another, it's a bit surprising that we haven't heard more couplings happening on the sets of the shows and films.

Wallis to her credit has just wrapped up her turn on Discovery but she'll likely return as Zora on Section 31. Pine, however, awaits the news of the fourth installment of his Star Trek film series.