Did You Know?: Star Trek featured a third main character who also became a parent during the show

Voyager had four crew members who became parents during the seven years they were in space and no, we're not counting Seska.


Star Trek: Voyager continued on the idea that life happens no matter where you are. We saw that concept in Star Trerk: The Next Generation; where a bulk of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D housed families and children, and again in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine with the station acting more like a conventional city, filled with bars and schools. Voyager continued that trend, just on a smaller scale. While it wasn't uncommon to see kids and family units in other shows, it was in Voyager.

The show started out with Samantha Wildman giving birth to a future recurring character in Naomi Wildman, while Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres eventually had a child together named Miral, who had a major role in the series finale. Yet, when we talk about characters on Voyager who had kids during their time in the Delta Quadrant, one name that doesn't get mentioned but absoulutely should is everyeone's favorite doctor, The Doctor.

You heard that right, and no, we're not talking about the episode where the Doctor created his own holographic family, either. No, we're talking about the episode called "Blink of an Eye", in season six. It's the episode that featured a planet that was out of sync with the rest of the universe, where time on the planet went much faster than on Voyager, with years passing in minutes.

In an attempt to figure out more about this mysterious planet, that has also somehow trapped Voyager in its gravitational pull, the crew sent The Doctor down to explore, as he wouldn't need to worry about the negative health effects of the time difference.

The idea was to send the Doctor down for a few seconds and retrieve him, but something went wrong and instead, he was down there for a few minutes. A few minutes on Voyager that is, when he returned, he did so having lived years on the planet thanks to the time difference.

Later, when Gotana-Retz (played by Daniel Dae Kim) comes up from the surface to visit Voyager, The Doctor asks Gotana, when he returns to the planet if he could look up his grandson. Apparently, The Doctor's previously mentioned roommate was a love interest and the two had a genetic child - somehow.

How the Doctor was able to procreate was never revealed, with The Doctor telling a curious Gotana that it was a "long story", but canonically, The Doctor is in fact a father.