Does celebrating the 60th anniversary of Star Trek really matter?

The 60th anniversary is fast approaching but should Star Trek do anything big for the franchise's birthday?
On the set of the TV series Star Trek
On the set of the TV series Star Trek / Sunset Boulevard/GettyImages

Star Trek is on the verge of turning 60, with just a little more than two years to go before the franchise hits that monumental number. It's been a long road for the original show and despite the show airing almost 60 years ago, three of the cast members are still around. William Shatner, George Takei, and Walter Koening are still among us.

It's something we're all thankful for and isn't something we take for granted. The hope is that all three men are still among us when the original show turns 60 years old on September 8th, 2026. Shatner would be 95 by then, and with Takei and Koenig turning 89 (Koenig will turn 90 a few days later). It's a huge milestone and one that we're hoping the veterans of the series can see.

And that leads us to the question, should Star Trek go all out to celebrate? Especially since they didn't do anything big for the 40th or 50th anniversaries? While the franchise doesn't embrace the longevity of the franchise through celebrations like others may, the 60th may be one to embrace.

With so many of our beloved crew members having passed away recently and more likely to be gone by the time the 60th rolls around, it feels fitting that Star Trek should do something to honor the franchise, those who helped start it, and those who are carrying series and films into a new era for the fandom.

It's also likely the last major milestone the three surviving cast members of the original show will likely get to experience, assuming we're lucky enough to see all three men continue to age gracefully and peacefully until then. Star Trek should go all out to celebrate everyone they can while they can, as they have had a history of missing those moments in the past or underdelivering in them at the very least.

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